Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Memory By 75%

Do you forget quickly? Is it hard to remember the names of the people you meet? Do you send a birthday message if there is no one to remind you? Sniffing rosemary oil can increase your memory by 75%.

English scientists claim that inhaling the scent of rosemary oil improves the ability to recall past events and the ability to remember tasks that need to be performed in the future. Through a series of different tests, researchers have shown that people who sniff the aroma of rosemary oil remember the tasks they need to perform for 60-75% better compared to people who do not inhale rosemary at all.

A team of psychologists from Northumbria University divided a group of participants into two groups and asked them to wait in two different rooms. One room was flavored with rosemary oil.

How sniffing rosemary can increase memory

The participants were subjected to a series of memory tests, which included hiding objects and their retrieval after some time. Or the transfer of a particular object to an explorer at the precise time previously specified.

People coming from the flavored room worked better with both tasks, and in blood in all of them, a higher level of 1,8-cineole, a substance found in rosemary oil, was detected and affected by memory.

Rosemary has been associated with better memory for many years. It has been used in ancient Egypt at wedding ceremonies to encourage memory and also fidelity.

Sniffing Rosemary Can Increase Memory

You can grow rosemary quite easily in your garden or on the terrace. You can use it fresh and place it close to your nose to sniff the smell for several minutes. Also, you can use a few drops of essential oil of rosemary to refresh the air in the room. Especially useful during sessions, preparation periods for exams, presentations and other activities related to intensified mental work.