What Aloe Vera Does In Your Body: Why Egyptians Called It The Plant Of Immortality

In ancient Egypt, the aloe vera, as early as 6000 years ago, was known as the plant of immortality. Today, it can be found in a number of products and we all know that it has healing properties. But rarely anyone is more aware of what these properties are and how aloe vera works.

Aloe vera contains more than 240 nutrients and medicinal ingredients, including vitamins C, B, E, and folic acid. Minerals such as magnesium, manganese, zinc, copper, chromium, calcium, potassium and iron, antioxidants, amino acids, enzymes … it has been proven that aloe vera is a very medicinal herb. And that there is no doubt about its positive effect.

Strong antibacterial and anti-fungal action

Due to the large number of powerful antioxidants it contains, aloe vera prevents the growth of some harmful bacteria that can cause infections. In scientific experiments, it is underlined that this herb prevents the spread of certain types of harmful bacteria. And the gel can be applied directly to the infected site, as well as post-surgical wounds, in order to accelerate healing. Aloe Vera is an excellent therapy for both herpes, conjunctivitis and vaginal infections. The aloe vera gel prevents fungal skin infections, dandruff, and other skin infections. You can even prevent fungal infections occurring on aquarium fish so that you put a few drops of aloe vera extract into it.

Accelerates healing of burns

The Plant Of Immortality

It has long been known that Aloe Vera is used as a medicine for wounds, especially burns. Studies have shown that it is effective in the treatment of first-and second-degree burns. And has been approved in America for treating burns since 1959. The essence of healing effects is in the ingredients that reduce pain and inflammation and stimulate the growth and renewal of the skin. It is also good to be used as a hydrating agent. Due to all these soothing and healing effects, Aloe Vera is an ingredient in many cosmetic products.

Also aloe vera is great in treating eczema. Read more here.

Oral hygiene

Caries and other right diseases often cause health problems. And one of the best ways to prevent them is to reduce the collection of plaque. Aloe Vera fights these deposits and kills the bacteria they produce. Aloe vera gel is effective as well as the best toothpaste. But is less abrasive and is recommended for those who have sensitive gums and teeth. Studies have shown that aloe vera accelerates the healing of ulcers in the mouth.

It lowers blood sugar levels in diabetics

In folk medicine, it is claimed that aloe vera improves the sensitivity of insulin. And regulates blood sugar levels and is used as a traditional auxiliary for treating this disease.

There is evidence that aloe vera blocks the growth of cancer cells

A study has shown that the aloe vera extract, called aloe emodin, can block the growth of cancer cells on the head and neck. Emodin may also stop the growth of liver cancer cells. Another study showed that aloerid (a compound found in aloe vera) can stimulate the immune system to produce chemicals that kill cancer cells. All these tests were carried out in tubes. Another compound of aloe vera proved to be effective in the tubes, which can inhibit the development of leukemia cells.

Side effects

The use of aloe vera on the skin for treating and alleviating minor burns and cuts is safe, but taking aloe vera as a gel or capsules in some people can cause side effects such as diarrhea, nausea, skin rashes, and stomach pain. There may also be side effects if used with other medicines and herbs. Therefore, it is advisable to always consult a doctor!